Employee Engagement Surveys

Understanding the sentiment of your employees is critical in building a strong, sustainable culture. With Workify, measure overall engagement, drill down on trending issues and create data-backed action plans.

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Engagement Data Points

Minutes to Complete a Average Workify Survey

Surveys Launched

Measure Engagement

Get a complete diagnostic of employee engagement at your organization and identify emerging employee concerns with a Workify Baseline Survey.

Instantly Understand Your Data

Advanced insights and analytics are instantly generated for you. Our team will help you understand what your data is telling you and how to get to the root of any trending engagement issues.

Take Quick Action

Strategize with our team of engagement experts to create data-backed action plans that are unique to your business and that will improve your culture.

Measure progress

Repeat this process 2-4 times a year to create an internal benchmark and get continuous insight into whether or not your are moving the needle on employee engagement.

Workify Anonymity Pledge

Many companies ask us about best practices as it relates to anonymity in employee engagement surveys. Our product depends on the valuable feedback from your employees. If they can’t trust us, we can’t do business. That’s why if you run an employee engagement survey where the feedback is anonymous, we protect the identity of your employees at all costs – providing reporting and information only when we can ensure anonymity.

You can download the Workify Anonymity Overview and share it with your employees. This is a resource many companies use to communicate how we approach anonymity to help their employees have confidence in our feedback systems.