Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Surveys

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) are no longer a nice-to-have. Make sure you understand how your organization and your managers stack up with clear measurement around DIBs.

diversity and inclusion
diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Measurement

Enterprise clients are moving towards stronger ways of measuring critical influencers of their culture. Diversity and Inclusion scores are starting to show up in executive leader scorecards for their performance reviews. It is critical that leaders create an environment where all ideas and perspectives are welcome and where unconscious biases are checked at the door.

Creating an inclusive environment starts with understanding how you are doing today, from the perspective of your employees. Workify’s D&I measurement programs will help you jump-start your effort to put action behind the promises of building an inclusive culture.

Diversity & Inclusion Pulse Surveys

Combine our Pulse Survey capabilities with Diversity & Inclusion surveys to bring together a powerful measurement solution that captures feedback on a regular, more real-time cadence.

Understand how your employees perceive your organization as it relates to Diversity & Inclusion, give your managers a quantitative score that you can use for coaching and internal benching marking to help guide development opportunities for leaders.

diversity and inclusion

The Belonging Index

Enterprises are realizing D&I is not enough. They are extending it to Belonging, which puts even more accountability on the company and its leaders to create an environment where employees feel safe bringing their authentic selves at work, and where they are accepted for who they are.

Innovative companies are developing a Belonging Index to provide a quantitative measure on how your organization ranks, and how managers rank, at creating an environment where Belonging is cultivated.

Workify can help you develop your strategy for how you can measure Belonging as a part of your standard employee engagement survey, or as a pulse survey to help you get the data on how your employees feel.