Always-On Conversations

Fill the gaps between surveys with this 24/7, always-on channel to engage employees with meaningful, anonymous 1×1 conversations. Some clients use this to prompt townhall questions, while others utilize it as a digital suggestion box. No matter how you use it, it’s a valuable part of an overall employee listening and engagement measurement strategy.

The Demand for Safe Feedback Channels

The modern employee is demanding the ability to push unsolicited, anonymous feedback to management at your company. Conversations will give your employees a safe outlet for providing details around unethical behavior: sexual harassment, financial misconduct, workplace bullying, etc.

Conversations will help scale your HR department by allowing employees to submit anonymous questions about sensitive topics and will also drive improvements to your processes and systems by creating a channel for ideas and innovation.


Utilizing this private, anonymous and actionable channel, you can allow employees to push feedback to management on their terms. Our workflow allows feedback received to be routed to the appropriate HR team member or executive leader so they can respond directly to the employee. Administrators can tag feedback for categorization to spot trends and better organize the information. The employee that submitted the feedback has their anonymity preserved the entire time, allowing them to have an open dialogue with leaders and managers about real issue that matter to them.


Closed loop conversations that protect the employees anonymity and allow management to close the loop on employee feedback – taking action can help avoid potentially costly issues and feedback, avoiding negative external reviews in the process.

How it Works


Employees can submit feedback to their company through our conversations channel as themselves or anonymously.


Company admin receives feedback when submitted and can route topic-specific questions to other admins for a response.


Conversations allows admins to respond to feedback to start a conversation. When a conversation is enabled, the anonymity of the employee is protected.

Common Use Cases


Workify Conversations allows organizations to collect questions for town halls in real-time or in advance of the actual meeting.


Gather ideas for improving processes and internal systems from your most valued resources – your employees.


Leverage Conversations to give your employees an anonymous channel to report unethical or illegal behavior.