Advanced Analytics

Uncover key insights and answer the questions that matter the most about employee engagement at your company

This is an employee engagement scorecard.

Dig Deeper Into Employee Feedback

Get the full picture when it comes to employee engagement surveys at your company. Drill down into your data from all angles to answer critical questions about your business and improve performance.

Questions details for employee engagement reporting
This is a scorecard showing the eNPS trends over time for a company.

Discover Trends & Insights

Measure and identify where your company is succeeding and falling short when it comes to employee engagement. Explore your data by mining deep within a survey or easily discover trends survey-over-survey.

Not Just Engagement Data

Workify’s Advanced Analytics can also be leveraged for Employee Experience surveys (Candidate, New Hire & Exit), measuring the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit.

This is an individual dashboard view for exiting employees