Scalable, action-oriented 360 feedback to improve performance

Create a culture of 360 feedback that drives performance improvement at every level of your organization.

Scorecard driven 180° and 360° degree feedback for leaders, managers and individuals

360 degree feedback channels that will develop your talent

With changes in the workplace, it’s important to offer a channel for employees to provide constructive, anonymous feedback for managers, peers and direct reports.

Drive alignment and measure what matters for your business

Leverage competencies, or custom business principles, to group questions and drill down on the areas of development that align with your culture and values.

Building stronger managers and teams through cohort analysis

Compare 360 degree feedback for groups of managers, individual contributors, etc to build stronger teams through cohort analysis and comparison scorecards.

Drive growth and development conversations across your business

Our scorecard driven approach simplifies the process of understanding feedback making it easier for manager to have development conversations and 1×1 discussions across your business.

Put Engagement Intelligence to Work in Your Organization