The Science of People

Our methodology is rooted in I/O psychology which means you are getting a proven, statistical measurement of culture and engagement.

Defining Engagement

We define Employee Engagement as a motivational construct contributing to the level of involvement an employee has at work: physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Measuring Engagement

Our approach to measuring employee engagement provides a fresh perspective on a traditional space by leveraging the work we’ve done with hundreds of organizations. We’ve noticed two emerging trends that are causing friction in the effort to drive better results: Balancing flexibility with simplicity – Flexibility in culture model – Improved accuracy of findings – Increased confidence in results Reducing time from insights to action – Shorten time-to-action – Drill-down on multiple areas – Clearer action for improvement Using our I/O designed engagement surveys, you will get to heart of how to drive stronger engagement with your people, while balancing flexibility, simplicity, and fast insights to action.