Manager Scorecards

Put the power directly in the hands of your managers so they can make the biggest impact on action plans. Our manager scorecards make it easy to understand the data from engagement surveys, leading from insights to action quickly.

Good Design, Great Outcomes

Our scorecards are designed so managers can quickly understand the data, without support from your HR team. We use a color-coded, red/yellow/green, approach to quickly highlight what’s going well and the biggest areas for improvement. Manager scorecards give your leaders a way to clearly see the feedback from their direct reports, all the way up to the entire organization they lead.

Insights to Action

Scorecards play such an important role in your engagement program because they help your HR team quickly distribute the critical information that is needed to make an impact. Instead of wasting your precious time on cutting different reports for your various leaders, we help your HR team focus on supporting the manager with interventions and action plans that will move the needle on engagement.