Tailored employee engagement surveys with powerful analytics

Understanding sentiment and measuring your culture is much more than just sending out a survey.

    Employee engagement surveys built for your business to strengthen your culture

    Data Management to Drive Analytics

    Getting your employee demographics right before each survey can be the difference maker in drilling into great employee engagement insights. We will support you in making the most of your data to create an amazing analytics experience

    Designing Your Employee Engagement Survey

    Our psychological backed approach to measuring employee engagement provides you with an off-the-shelf solution. Need a custom approach, no problem – leverage our survey builder to create custom factors & questions designed for your business.

    Understanding Your Engagement Survey Results

    Workify’s advanced analytics tools help you quickly understand the key  drivers and drainers of engagement. Slice and dice your data using hundreds of pre-configured templates to uncover insights and quickly identify areas to take action.

    Democratize Engagement Results And Empower Managers

    Our Reporting Access features enables you to grant key stakeholders full access to interactive analytics. Reporting Access will  allow your HRBPs, Executives, Managers etc. to drill into their own engagement survey data.

    Hands-On Client Success

    Lean on our client success team to assist you in every step of the process from data modeling to deploying your engagement survey and reporting out results. We believe that a successful process hinges on effective program management.

    Put Engagement Intelligence to Work in Your Organization