Built for the Enterprise

We are a global platform with a background deeply rooted in Enterprise Software and Enterprise HR. From scalable technology, to program design and change management, let us partner with you to build a sustainable, scalable engagement measurement solution that will drive bottom-line impact.

Global Reach

In today’s workforce, distributed teams are more common than ever. Employees are working from anywhere, and this global economy is impacting the way that we work and connect with others. Workify was built with the global workforce in mind by supporting global distribution of feedback tools as well as supporting over 40 different languages in our platform.

Feedback Anywhere

The consumerization of enterprise software is a fancy way of saying employees want a way to interact with their company in the same way that they interact with other brands in their personal lives. When someone goes to a restaurant, it’s easy for them to leave feedback, quickly and easily, via their mobile device. Employees want the same, easy-to-use channels to provide feedback to their companies.

A mobile experience is critical in any tool or software that companies roll-out to their employees. However, a holistic approach is needed that allows your employees to interact with your software system in the way that they choose to do so. Workify employs an omnichannel strategy allowing you to provide different ways for your employees to provide feedback, giving them the autonomy to engage in the way that makes the most sense for them. Workify makes it easy for employees to give feedback via a sms-based mobile experience, laptop, web portal, your internal intranet, and more.

Making it easy to provide feedback, and providing various channels to do so, is critical as enterprise leaders plan a more modern way of collecting and acting on employee feedback.

It’s Your Data

Regular measurement of employee feedback via employee engagement surveys, lifecycle surveys, and always-on feedback channels, is an important part of continuous improvement and deliberate management of the culture. The more you measure, the more value you can start to extract from the data. However, measurement in a vacuum means that you are leaving value on the table. With an enterprise employee engagement strategy, integration of your engagement data with other parts of the organization such as customer satisfaction, revenue, sales system, etc. will help you start to connect trends and better understand how a stronger level of engagement from your employees impacts these other stakeholders.

For example, studies show a strong correlation between Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your customers, meaning a highereNPS is statically proven to lead to a higher NPS. Workify makes it easy for you to get full, complete access to your data so that you can integrate the measurement feedback into other critical business intelligence systems of your enterprise, allowing you to run analyses on how a higher level of engagement drives other critical business drivers.

GDPR Compliant

Workify is built for the global, enterprise workforce. We will provide you with the data you need while be sensitive to the regulatory requirements that apply in our industry. We are compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for our international clients. We are also a registered, active member of the EU Data Privacy Shield, and we meet with our external counsel twice a year to ensure that we are in compliance and educated on the latest data security best practices.