HowLemi ShineMaintained Culture After The Company Grew Over 300 Percent


Lemi Shineis a household cleaning solution that focuses on creating powerful and safe products. Lemi Shine sells a complete line of cleaning products powered by 100% natural citrus extracts. Lemi Shine gets the job done with no questionable chemicals, helping families creates homes that are “Clean Freak Clean.”


Cleaning Products


Austin, TX


150-200 employees

The Story

Curtis Eggemeyer is the CEO of Lemi Shine. His family created the company. Lemi Shine has a longstanding tradition of excellence and passion for environment friendly cleaning products. The pride that the Eggemeyer’s took in creating the brand has turned into a mindset that has stuck with the company. The people behind the brand, and their culture, are more important to Lemi Shine than the brand itself. “The brand exists because we have the culture we have today, not vice versa,” Curtis says. When the company added 20 new employees to a six person company, an increase of over 300 percent in the last two years, Curtis realized he needed a way to measure company culture.

As companies across different industries know, culture is difficult to measure. Brands have external and internal reporting tools that measure how a company is performing, but measuring the most valuable asset—employees—is more nuanced. Most tools are limiting when it comes to getting an accurate sense of how culture is performing. Lemi Shine wanted a tool to get the most from their largest asset. This wasn’t only important to Lemi Shine as a business, but as people.

Workify has provided a number of ways to look at culture, and complete the LS goal of not failing in particular areas, while accurately defining the areas their team believes are critical for success. “Workify helps us see where are natural strengths and weaknesses are,” Joe Harvey, CFO and COO of Lemi Shine says.

Implementing the Workify tool proves to Lemi Shine employees that their management team “walks the walk” when it comes to culture. They’re following through with employee engagement tools, not just talking about them.

Members of the LS team wondered how big an organization needed to be in order to launch a platform like Workify. “If you’ve got more than four people reporting to you, you need it,” Curtis says. “There’s stuff that people don’t feel comfortable telling you face to face.”

“Workify helps us see where are natural strengths and weaknesses are”

Joe Harvey – CFO and COO at Lemi Shine


The scientifically researched way of viewing culture combined with a high-touch customer intimacy model has helped Lemi Shine deep dive into communication and collaboration. The Workify team provides ideas that are not just qualitative, but apply quantitative measures as well.

Managers at Lemi Shine have changed the entire way they communicate with each other and their teams since Workify implementation. Communication is no longer talking at one another, but a conversation that is truly “with one another.” Collective expertise from different areas is being brought together to ensure that projects have cohesive collaboration, are launched on time, and stay on budget. “We have a wider and broader appreciation not just for what our department is doing, but how that affects other departments,” Joe says.

Prior to Workify, the lowest company scores for Lemi Shine related to communication and collaboration. As the company grew and augmented each part of their team to be experts in their own realms, getting teams to communicate and cross-collaborate was not happening effectively, especially with the addition of new team members. “Now what this has done, is it’s allowed us to capture the weakest link and talk about it,” Curtis says.

As a thought- based organization, Lemi Shine employees contribute time and thoughts. If employees are actively engaged for an extra hour during the work day, Joe Harvey sees Workify as a tool that has paid for itself well over. “Another hour to an hour and a half of employee time just for caring and listening to what they have to say,” Joe starts, “it’s a very reasonable expense.”

“We have a wider and broader appreciation not just for what our department is doing, but how that affects other departments”

Joe Harvey – CFO and COO at Lemi Shine