COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources

It’s been amazing to see the people, our communities and businesses come together in response to COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Our mission during this period is to help our clients and other businesses stay connected to their employees and provide safe channels for feedback. We have put together the following resources and FREE offerings to help you in your response, employee communications, and in understanding employee sentiment. Please reach out to us by clicking the link below if you are interested in a 30 day free trial of Workify Conversations or our Climate Pulse Survey templates.

Coronavirus Resources

Climate Pulse Surveys

As you spend more time in a remote working model and COVID-19 continues to strain your business, it may result in management feeling increasingly disconnected from your employees and losing critical lines of communication with all levels of the company. This is where pulse surveys will be a critical asset in your strategy for staying connected with employees. Our I/O Psychology team has designed pulse survey templates that will help you measure the following key topics during this critical time: Disaster Response, Remote Working, Availability of Resources and Innovation Ideas.


Always-on Conversations

With all of the uncertainty in the workplace as a result of COVID-19, it is critical to leverage work tech that will give employees the ability to offer safe, anonymous suggestions. Making the effort to construct various feedback channels helps to ensure your employees’ overall happiness and well-being. An “always on” anonymous feedback tool empowers your employees to offer unsolicited observations to your HR team 24/7/365.

You can learn more about Workify Conversations here.

Need Support?

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