What to know about why employee surveys are important

If you’ve recently been pitched on the impacts of employee engagement programs, you may be starting to wonder more about implementation. Whether you’re close to launching one or not, we want to answer one of the looming questions—why employee surveys are important. 

Employee surveys are foundational to an engagement program. They help you identify what’s affecting performance, morale, and you can discover insights that’ll impact your bottom-line. Harvard Business Review has also touted that surveying is valuable, no matter how intricate and detailed your analytics capacities are. 

We want to shed more light on the versatility and effectiveness of employee surveys. We’ll help you understand why this tried and true method of hearing from employees is still valuable for your business today, and how you can use it alongside analytics tools to get a 360-degree understanding of your organization. 

Employee surveys encourage involvement and feel personal 

It’s true that looking at attrition and retention rates—then comparing that to employee tenure and other lifecycle metrics—can give you an understanding of behavior and where employee engagement is dropping off. Utilizing analytics is a vital part of understanding your company, but it’s only one piece. The other is to engage directly with workers. 

Surveying allows for a direct touchpoint between leadership and workers. Usually leaders remind employees to take them, and once results are in, leaders have an opportunity to talk with employees about the results. These conversations open the door to questions, concerns, and feedback. 

When companies use employee surveys to reach and connect with their workers, employees are more likely to feel involved, included, and heard. Since surveying gives you an opportunity to act on results, you’re likely to build better relationships with employees and show them that they’re feedback is being acted on. 

Have a point of reference for all of your results 

Once you launch an engagement program or employee surveys, you’ll start building points of reference to track results in your company. You’ll be able to compare employee feedback to past results, and you can see if improvements happened after launching new initiatives. 

Keeping this historical record will help you know if your company is on track. It’s also a useful tool for employer branding, because you’ll be able to tell the story of your company and the growth that its culture and employee experience has seen over time. 

When employees decide to join or leave a company, they aren’t doing so just based on pay or incentives. They want to be aligned with companies that have a clear mission, purpose, and that are actively moving toward them. Employee surveying will help you connect with workers to see if you’re succeeding, or if there are any mismatches in expectations. 

Improve your company’s bottom-line 

We’ve written about the benefits of employee engagement programs before, but these incentives can’t be understated. We know that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%, and that highly engaged businesses see a 10% increase in customer ratings, and a 20% increase in sales

The trickle down effect of engaged employees has an impact on your clients, customers, and future talent. Employee surveying is a sure way to start working toward overall engagement programs and establishing tools that will get to the bottom of understanding employee needs. 

Employee surveys have become a staple for HR and people practices. Gone are the days where they’re overlooked. Fortunately—for the sake of HR and engagement teams—the technologies, tools, and surveying methods that companies are using are only getting better. It’s an exciting time for workers and engagement leaders. 

Ready to launch your employee surveys

Workify is here to help. Our team of engagement experts is ready to guide the launch of your surveys, and help you build an engagement program that matches the needs of your workers and company. 

We’ll find a cadence that works for you, and show you how to use our tools and analytics dashboards. Get connected today to get your company’s programs up and running.