Viewing and Managing Experience Surveys

Feature Highlights:
  • Viewing your experience surveys 
  • Quick sorting New Hire and Exit surveys by status (Pending, Active, Closed, etc.)
Navigating to the View and Manage Surveys Sections

First, you’ll want to click on Employee Experience along the top navigation bar. Then select ‘View and Manage’ along the left hand side for the survey type you want to view.

Viewing and Managing Experience Survey

Once you’re on this page you can use the search bar to look for any New Hire or Exit surveys that have been sent out. This page will not include any surveys that have not been sent out yet.

For New Hire surveys, you can select the drop down icon on the far right to expand the selection and see all surveys in that pack.

Quick Sorting Surveys by Status

Our Experience module now allows admin to Quick Sort their Experience Surveys to more easily view the status of individual surveys that are part of a survey pack.

Important Note: A survey pack is a collection of one, or more, surveys that have been configured and set up for streamlined deployment through Workify’s Experience module. If there are multiple surveys in your pack (i.e., New Hire), Workify will automatically create all relevant surveys when a user instructs Workify to send a survey.

Along the top, you should notice a Quick Sort drop down.

Viewing and Managing Experience Survey

This allows you to filter the surveys by three different statuses.

  • Active: A survey in the pack is currently live.
  • Pending: The pack (or a survey in the pack) is scheduled to, but has not yet gone live.
  • Closed: All surveys in the pack are closed.

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