Employee data with our new User Data Management feature

Feature Highlights:

  • Improved data import with faster processing
  • Data validation to highlight any potential issues prior to updating
  • Progress tracking of both validation and import steps
  • Email confirmation to admin when upload is complete
  • Historical tracking of uploaded files.

Before getting into the details of uploading data, here’s what you need to know about how employee data is held in Workify.

• The information you provide to Workify about your employees is called metadata. We aggregate your employee feedback into groups using these metadata fields.

• To protect anonymity, each group will only display in Workify reporting if there are at least five responses from people in that group. (For example, five people that are listed under ‘Location = Austin’ will need to respond in order for Austin to display in reporting.)

• The minimum fields required are Employee ID, Name, Email or Phone Number, and Start Date.

Uploading Data into Workify

One of the major changes in our new User Data Management process is that importing data into Workify is now a two step process.

Step 1 – Validation: This is to review your data prior to importing, so you can identify any issues that could cause a failure during your import (like missing employee ID or email). You’ll also highlight any metadata groups that could cause reporting challenges (like blanks, groups less than five, and so on).

Step 2 – Importing: Once you’ve validated your data, you’ll start the importing step to get your employee updates loaded into Workify, which will let you complete the survey activity that you’re working on in the system.

user data management

After your data sheet with employee information is finalized, a .csv file will be used to upload the data into Workify. If you need your company’s template data sheet, please reach out to your Client Success Rep.


user data managementUnder the People page in Workify, use the option to Add Many Users.


user data management


On the Import Users page, click the Import Users button under the USERS tab.

Upload your data sheet into Workify and go to the data mapping section.

user data management

The next step is to make sure that all the data is correctly mapped to the metadata fields that are already stored in Workify. To do this, make sure that all rows in the Status column show as ‘Valid’. If a row doesn’t  show as ‘Valid,’ use the drop-down menu under the Workify Headers column to map the data to what is stored in Workify. If the metadata field does not already exist in Workify, please reach out to your client success repe for help creating any new fields.

After mapping the metadata elements, check that all data under the Missing Fields section is kept. To do this, click the Keep button highlighted in green so that all previous fields are stored correctly. It’s important that fields aren’t removed in order to keep records of historical data.


user data management


After all data mapping is confirmed, click VALIDATE to continue.

user data managementAfter the Validated icon reaches 100%, click the Actions drop-down and go to View Details. (The page may need to be refreshed to see the Validated percentage change).


user data managementThe first tab called Row Data will show any critical errors found in the data sheet. These errors usually happen when a required field is left blank (Name, Email, etc.). The errors that show here will keep those specific employees from being uploaded or updated in Workify.

The second tab called Column Data will show any anonymity discrepancies. If a single data sheet is being used for a survey, this tab will show any groups of people under five that won’t display in reporting (per anonymity rules). The data callouts in this tab will not keep the data from being uploaded.

The last step will be to click the green Import User Data or Proceed w/ Import button on the left-hand side to finish the import process. After this button is pressed, the data sheet will immediately upload and update into Workify, so it’s important to make sure that everything is right before clicking the import button.

If you have any questions about managing your user data in Workify, please feel free to contact us at clientsuccess@getworkify.com.