How to Identify Employee Needs with a Learning and Development Survey

See how learning and development surveys help identify employee needs. 

If you’re anything like most companies in 2021, your hybrid workplace is in full swing. You may be finalizing the last details of your return to office plan, but you’ve likely got some idea of what the future of your workplace will look like.

For many employees, the future of their working lives has always depended on learning and development opportunities. The covid-19 pandemic put a halt on this for some workers, but that doesn’t have to become the norm. Learning and development surveys  are just the tool to identify what growth opportunities your employees want, and the right tool to make sure these opportunities become available. 

Changed employee expectations 

Gone are the days where employees stick with companies for their entire careers. It’s not that younger generations lack loyalty necessarily, but that the workplace has become much more mobile, agile, and global. Employees may be as likely to leave for a higher salary as they are for a new location or an upgraded skill set. 

When it comes to the skill set, many employees are quick to find an exit if they don’t think their talents are being developed, or if they don’t see opportunities for growth. This is especially true for young professionals in digital spaces who see their peers excelling with new technologies. The jobs with updated tech opportunities end up being the most competitive in the marketplace.

If companies want to retain their talent and acquire more, they have to grow, innovate, and develop new skill sets in their employees. Workers want to know that their organizations will foster industry-best skill sets, and they’ll keep their eye out for other companies if their own doesn’t. 

Where your company stands 

The first piece of critical information a learning and development survey will discover for you is what your employees’ current experience with your company is. Do they feel like they have access to enough learning and development programs? Are they calling out any gaps in their needs? What do your employees say about ways you can improve? And are people leaving companies to come to yours because of your development opportunities? 

An effective survey will get answers to all of these questions and more. It’ll also uncover how well your employees understand goals, the value perception of programs, equity of offerings, and whether or not they feel supported by managers. 

Once you’re able to drill down the answers to these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of how your employees view you, which can also give you some insight into your standing in the marketplace. We know that it might not always be comfortable to get these answers or hear honest employee feedback, but it pays off toward the long-term success of your company. 

What questions does an effective survey ask?

Our learning and development surveys are backed by research from I/O psychologists, and they’ll get to the root of the topics we discussed a moment ago. Some things a survey may ask are: 

  • I have enhanced my skills since I started working at [Company Name].
  • Learning resources provide me with the opportunity to [insert learning goal]: increase my knowledge, access just in time resources, learn new skills.
  • I know how to access the learning resources available to me.
  • Engaging with provided learning resources is a good use of my time.

At Workify, we’re also able to cater your surveys to your company and industry needs. Our team is here to make sure your surveys are gathering the right data, and moving the needle at your company. The ultimate goal is to know what resources are desired by your employees, how you can aim to make them competent in the future with programs they want, and understanding the push and pull of learning and development.

Reach out to us to get started 

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