How the future of work has impacted employee engagement strategies

The workplace has gotten a makeover in the last few decades. The companies that win the war for talent in the future will be those that innovate, have an open mind, and implement successful employee engagement strategies. 

In the past, the workplace didn’t include mental health initiatives, an emphasis on cultural and social issues, and an acceptance of remote or hybrid working models. Companies have also adopted new perspectives on parental leave, management approaches, and even corporate perks and resources. 

In this week’s blog we’re taking a look at three successful employee engagement strategies for 2021 and beyond. They’ll help identify how companies can stay ahead in the race for talent, and how businesses can help shape the workplace to make it better for all workers. 

Employee Engagement Strategies

1. Give your workers resources to grow 

According to a news release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure for workers 25 to 34 years old is 2.8 years. Older workers tend to stay in their jobs longer, but as the workplace adds younger workers, it’s likely we’ll see shorter and shorter tenures.

There’s a number of reasons why workers leave jobs sooner than later. Some are common like more pay or a promotion, but often employees leave because of a lack of resources or growth. Burnout is a high likelihood for workers who are stuck with similar tasks for years, without new stimulation or assignments. 

A tip to companies: We like to remind companies that work with us that one of the most effective ways to identify the needs of workers is through learning and development surveys. These survey types use targeted questioning—and track data effectively—to understand what resources workers think they need to improve on the job and stay engaged. 

The pandemic has been a tale of two workplace scenarios: 

  • Companies realize new trends and what workers want in their working lives, then give opportunities to make it happen. (Think hybrid and remote work options). 
  • Companies are stubborn and force workers to stick to pre-pandemic approaches to work. (Think returning to the office too soon or not providing flexibility.) 


If you browse LinkedIn, it’s likely you’ve seen many workers mention how they’ve faced scenario two. Often these workers are effective and tenured. They just want more flexibility with their jobs because the pandemic has shifted their lifestyle and priorities. But instead of meeting workers where they are, companies refuse to innovate and lose talent to companies that will. 

Failing to innovate and accept workplace trends is the best way to ensure you won’t have successful employee engagement strategies.

Before longer maternity and paternity leave, unlimited vacation, or remote work were options, there were companies that realized those policies would be the wave of the future. If you can be a company that spots the next wave now, you’ll have more employee engagement success. 

Employee Engagement Strategies

3. Make sure your employees know where they fit into the organization 

At the top of any successful employee engagement strategy should be a focus on clear and open communication. Employees want their leaders to be transparent about what’s happening in their organization and where they fit into the larger picture. This is especially important if you’re in the throes of a merger or acquisition. It isn’t unheard of for companies to leave their workers completely out of the loop of big decisions. 

In this regard the coronavirus pandemic has been a trial run for companies. The pandemic has required constant communication during shifting circumstances and changing priorities. Not all companies handled the circumstances well—and even some of the best stumbled—but we’ve seen many organizations succeed.

The goal for companies now is to maintain the success and learning they’ve had during Covid and carry it going forward as part of their employee engagement strategies.

Connect with us to improve employee engagement strategies 

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