How Employee Feedback Helps Companies Succeed

employee feedback


It’s no secret that employee feedback is at the core of an employee engagement strategy, and that it’s one of the main components in a successful employee retention program. In the past, companies were most likely to only gather feedback during annual surveys, when employees were onboarded or when they exited companies.

The trends of the last few decades have highlighted the importance of consistent feedback intervals. The coronavirus pandemic has only re-emphasized this need now that many workers are fully remote or in hybrid workplaces. In this article, we’ll take a further look at why employee feedback is so critical. 

Employee feedback is at the heart of all engagement strategies 

The first step in an effective engagement program is to understand the needs of employees and pain points in the organization to inform your engagement strategy. Feedback is how you’ll know if your company is falling short on learning programs, or how you’ll discover that some managers aren’t building effective relationships with their workers. Once you’re able to uncover problems, you’ll have the knowledge to implement meaningful and strategic solutions that re-engage employees. 

It wasn’t until the last few decades that HR realized it needed engagement strategies and additional programs for engaging employees. Now that we’re seeing full-scale acceptance, these programs aren’t just must haves for your company, but critical to your success. 

Without it, you’ll lose the war for talent

Running an organization of any size is no easy task. Whether you’re large or small, you’re going to have people problems, and those problems can have lasting consequences if they aren’t managed correctly. If you’re a small company, you especially don’t want to waste additional resources or money on problems that you could have eliminated if you solved them earlier. At the root, that’s what employee feedback is—identifying problems before they grow. 

Here’s some examples:

  • Do your employees feel like they don’t have the resources to do their job? That’s a problem to solve before they look for an exit and cost you time and resources due to hiring and having to onboard new people. 
  • Is one of your high-performers eyeing other companies because they aren’t getting new opportunities? That’s something to identify before you lose your talent!


Similar to insurance, employee feedback strategies are something some companies don’t think they need if the results aren’t immediate. But after a crisis, companies quickly realize they were worth having.

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Engaged employees matter for your customers 

As Gallup learned, companies with engaged employees saw a 10% increase in customer loyalty and engagement. The reality is, engaging your workers via employee feedback isn’t just about your company, it’s about your customers. The University of Texas in Austin—where Workify started—has a saying, “What starts here, changes the world.” When it comes to employee feedback, maybe companies should have a similar one. How about, “What starts with employees, changes customers.” 

As anyone who runs a business knows, culture has a trickle-down effect. Poor attitudes, impatience, a lack of empathy or inclusion, and a myriad of other problems that happen with employee teams are inevitably going to affect customers. How your employees and teams talk to one another is how they’re going to talk to the outside world. Once you gather the feedback to build a strong culture that sticks, you’ll be able to inject that positivity into each interaction that your employees have with customers. 

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We’ve got you covered 

We know gathering employee feedback and discovering engagement issues can be daunting:

  • How can we improve our engagement strategy? 
  • How do we decide what to measure? 
  • What are the right questions to ask?
  • What data should we be tracking? 
  • Who should have access to the results? 


Those might be some of the questions you’re asking, and they’re just the ones our client success team is equipped to answer. Additionally, our engagement intelligence platform is able to help you drill down with surveys, gather feedback, and act on the insights you discover.

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