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Reporting Access Guide

Reporting Access now provides HRBPs, managers, department heads, and more have a full business intelligence experience to their team’s survey results within the Workify Advanced Analytics feature.

February 2021 Workify Feature Summary

We’re excited to announce the reporting updates for February 2021. This feature summary includes new pages on trending topics and enhancements to the Employee Experience

How to Schedule a Survey Reminder

If you’re looking to drive high participation on your surveys, reminders are a key part of making that happen. Follow these steps to schedule them.

How to Resend a Survey Link

If someone reaches out to you and tells you they can’t find their email or text for the live survey, follow these steps to resend their survey link.

The Workify Baseline Survey

The Workify Baseline was designed to provide an accurate representation of engagement within your organization and to…

Drill Down Survey Library

Drill Down Survey Library

The Workify Drill Downs are designed with business insights in mind. Each Drill Down survey conducts a deeper dive into the indicators of engagement.