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Your Employee Engagement Questions Answered

W/ Dom Boon, VP of People at Liberty Latin America  Recently, Workify CEO, Stephen Huerta, sat down with Dom Boon, VP of People at Liberty Latin America and discussed a wide range of employee engagement topics.  With more than twenty years of experience working in HR,...

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Workify July 2019 Feature Summary

Not to be completely overshadowed by other major recent Workify updates, welcome to the July Feature Summary! Last week we unveiled our enhancements to Workify's Culture Model, so naturally, most of our new features this month will be related to this major update. ...

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Introducing Workify Culture Model 2.0

In an effort to continuously enhance the service Workify provides, we have been hard at work improving upon the Workify Culture Model. Today, we are excited to announce updates to our model that will improve the data and analysis we provide you and your company. In...

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June 2019 Feature Summary

Welcome to the much anticipated June Feature Summary! This month we will be unveiling a number of additions and improvements to Workify's Survey Management features that will completely transform the survey creation experience for Workify admins.  Today, we will be...

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Saying Goodbye to the Annual Engagement Survey

In the previous blog, we discussed some of the pitfalls of the traditional approach to employee engagement. Annual employee surveys are typically around 50 questions, using 10 different topic categories, with five questions per topic. Many times, companies ask...

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April 2019 Feature Summary

Over the last few months we have released some major new features and functionality into the Workify platform. We expect to keep up the velocity when it comes to product releases, which is why this month we are kicking off our monthly Workify Feature Summary. We will...

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