Modern anonymous suggestion box for your employees

Always on feedback that provides an anonymous suggestion box for your employees to ask questions and communicate challenges.

Collaborate and close the loop on anonymous employee suggestion box

Provide employees with a direct line to management

Enable your employees to ask and escalate sensitive questions to management or HR and submit suggestions for how business, operations and management can be improved.

Engage in two-way conversations that keep employees anonymous.

Respond to employees suggestions and chat with employees to ensure that you are getting to the root of issues, adequately resolving issues and maintaining anonymity.

Collaborate, assign and close the loop on employee suggestions

Workflow capabilities allow you to assign Conversations to other admins in order to collaborate on responses to your employees and track when inquiries have been closed out.

Provide safe channel for capturing town hall questions or a modern EAP

Our scorecard driven approach simplifies the process of understanding feedback making it easier for manager to have development conversations and 1×1 discussions across your business.

Put Engagement Intelligence to Work in Your Organization