Artificial Intelligence for Data-Driven HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a critical role in the future of any organization, especially in the world of talent management and human resources. Let Workify bring you enterprise capabilities without breaking the bank.

A Turnkey AI Solution

Partnering with Workify gives you access to Articifial Intelligence (AI) out-of-the-box, without any technical configuration or brain-numbing techie talk. We make is easy to extract value from the leading edge of technology. By collecting the right data, in the right way, we can help you discover new insights and trends in your organization.

Understanding the Data that Matters

Not all data is created equal. Data matters and data will be at the core of any AI solution. Collecting the right data, in a structured way, is critical to put you in a position to leverage this technology.

Because more data is better, this further illustrates the case to measure more than once per year. Then when you combine your engagement data with other employee feedback such as lifecycle surveys, manager 360s, etc., you can start to connect the dots in new ways that were never possible before.

Machine Learning & Predictive Algorithms

Now comes the fun part! How can we get a head of the curve and predict the future? By collecting data more frequently, and using AI to glean deeper insights, we can now take it a step further. By looking at the past, we can make inferences about the future using machine learning algorithms. The top cases where this is present in the employee engagement space relates to predicting attrition and identifying high-risk groups that may require more attention and development.

Let Workify partner with you to help you build your strategy to help you take your engagement measurement and employee listening programs to the next level.

Your Data Maturity Journey

Becoming data-driven in HR will be your strategic advantage of today, and will be a requirement for HR leaders of the future. Most organizations under invest into the HR teams, expecting them to do more with less. Data maturity in HR is a hot topic, and one that HR leaders have to master today.

Let Workify partner with you to help you develop a core strategy, where we can help you go from zero to hero and become data-driven.