Accessing Real Time Survey Results

We know that viewing your survey results is important when making sure everything is running smoothly. That is why we created this guideline to show you exactly where to access the information you need. 

Once you log into Workify, navigate to the ‘view surveys’ page under the Employee Engagement tab. After you find the active survey, click the ‘View Report’ button. The report page will show your most current results. 

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The first tab will show the participation charts as well as reminder settings. The tabs will allow you to navigate between current results, answers to qualitative questions, and custom communications used for the survey.

It is important to note that the ‘Report’ page is different than the Advanced Analytics Dashboard.  This page is used to show the raw results but does not contain the same functionalities as your dashboard. The report page updates after each survey is completed, whereas your dashboard refreshes every 24 hours. The report page is valuable for viewing the data at a high level, while your account manager is creating your full report. This data is often used when viewing your current scores on a certain question or what departments are at lower participation rates.  

After the survey has closed, we recommend switching to the dashboard as the primary way of viewing results. This will be useful as you work through the report created by your account manager. 

If you would like to schedule a training to learn more about your dashboard or the results page, please reach out to your account manager or