Making Employee Engagement Accessible

We’ve built Workify because we know that understanding your work culture has never been more important.

Our Mission at Workify

Understanding employee engagement doesn’t happen just once during an annual survey. Employees become engaged or disengaged at a number of different touch points across your employee experience, such as onboarding, performance, and manager conversations. And as the workplace has gone virtual and work-life balance blurs, there are many new factors that go into the engagement equation.

The problem is that other approaches to engagement are fragmented and there’s no way to bring all of these myriad factors into your field of vision. Your choices are either far too basic or way overbuilt. On top of all that, most business and HR leaders aren’t data scientists and IO psychologists. You need help to get the data and understand what it’s saying.

That’s where Workify comes in.

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We’ve designed our product to make all of your feedback channels truly integrated, built on scientifically valid IO psychology, and built for the purpose of generating true Business Intelligence (BI), not just a bunch of charts and graphs that look cool but tell you nothing.

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We feel like there are too many solutions out there are overpriced and under-delivering. They force you into data and measurement models that work the way you do. That’s not OK with us. They should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why Workify is designed to deliver what you need. No more. No less. Our customer stories show that we are delivering.

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Workify is built for speed. Our proven three-step process gets you to insights and action within a month of implementation.

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Business leaders in high-growth industries list culture and talent among their key concerns but lack real insight to their people and culture. Workify solves that problem by providing unprecedented access to employee data and insights, giving employees a voice to shape their organizations and drive alignment with positive action.

Our Values

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Always find a way through. Tackle challenges with a bootstrap mentality.​

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Put people first. Be open, transparent, and collaborative.​

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Seek and destroy work that doesn’t work. Push the boundaries through innovation.​

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Bring your A-game to every opportunity. Execute flawlessly, again and again.​


Stephen Huerta

Stephen Huerta, Founder/CEO

Stephen has studied the invisible hand of culture and engagement during his time as a manager for business technology solutions and manager of project transitions at EY, then at Goldman Sachs as an HR associate for global ventures, and later as a vice president developing technology strategy and helping implement offshore operations. The pain Stephen saw both companies suffer due to disengaged employees — and his belief on how to turn that around — led him to launch a consultancy prior to Workify to help companies like Apple define their culture, measure employee engagement, and improve organizational commitment. Stephen’s Fortune 500 experience in HR paired with his strong consulting background helps Workify bring the right value to clients every day.

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